Shilpa Sukumar

Shilpa Sukumar, Founder of Fabled Forevers

Shilpa Sukumar founded Fabled Forevers in April 2013 after her MBA in Tourism & Travel Management in Switzerland.  Since then, she has assisted several Indian families in hosting destination weddings in picturesque locations in Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain. Planning a destination wedding entails numerous aspects that require meticulous consideration and flawless execution. Our comprehensive services cover every step of the journey. From the moment you decide on a destination wedding in Europe, we will help put the right destination in your destination wedding, followed by meticulous arrangements for accommodation, transfer and transportation, hospitality, catering, decoration, photographer, videographer, entertainment, and more. 

Our Strengths

  1. Exquisite Destination & Venue Choices: Fabled Forevers has established itself as a leading destination wedding planning company, with a portfolio of several picturesque destinations boasting breathtaking landscapes across Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain. However, the company’s reach extends far beyond these locations, as there is no limit to the destinations it can explore within Europe.
  1. Extensive Vendor Network: Fabled Forevers prides itself on its extensive vendor network, which plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality services to clients. The company has built strong relationships with reputable vendors in each destination. By partnering with the best professionals in the industry, Fabled Forevers ensures that clients have access to top-tier services and expertise. This extensive vendor network is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, allowing them to curate unforgettable destination weddings with exceptional attention to detail.
  1. Customised Packages: Fabled Forevers understands that destination weddings are unique and deeply personal experiences, so we offer customised packages tailored to each client’s specific requirements and preferences. With options for various wedding themes, cultural traditions, and budget ranges, we provide the flexibility needed to create the perfect wedding experience. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure every detail reflects their vision while accommodating their financial parameters.
  1. Collaborate with Local Tourism Agencies: Fabled Forevers values strong collaborations with local tourism agencies in every destination we serve. These partnerships provide us with invaluable resources and insights that enhance our services. By working closely with local tourism agencies, we can leverage their expertise to negotiate better deals, gain access to exclusive venues, and stay up-to-date on local regulations and requirements. This collaboration ensures we can offer our clients the best possible experiences, taking advantage of local knowledge and connections to create unforgettable destination weddings.