Services For Luxury Destination Indian Weddings

At our company, we specialise in organising luxury events with a focus on impeccable designs and flawless execution. We leverage technology to improve efficiency and communication and work with a network of reliable suppliers from Europe, India, and the Far East to deliver services par excellence. Our expertise extends to luxury destination Indian weddings with a guest list of several hundred if not thousands.

Our comprehensive offering covers all the elements you need for your wedding celebration, including the photographer, videographer, designer stationery, wedding website, and more. We strive to provide our clients a stress-free experience, ensuring you can enjoy your celebrations without worrying about dealing with multiple vendors. As a single point of contact, we handle all aspects of your wedding planning and execution, leaving you free to focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact us; we look forward to making your dream of a destination wedding in Europe a reality.

Dream Weddings Deserve Dream Destination!

Different places pose different challenges and different possibilities. This is why a little time spent on orientation goes a long way in putting the right Destination in your Destination Wedding. We will provide all the information you need to select the right destination that meets your needs and preferences.

Locations & Venues Services
VIsa & Travel low res

In-House Travel Desk

By far, the biggest problem at the very onset of discussions about a destination wedding is how to put all the paperwork together to ensure that all the wedding guests can travel abroad. Our in-house travel desk will handle and gather all the required and relevant paperwork from your guests to procure visas and travel permits. They will also negotiate deals with various charter companies or airlines for bulk bookings.

Selection & Negotiations

Choosing a hotel for a destination wedding is a little different than choosing a hotel for a vacation. In the case of a destination wedding, you need to factor in if the hotel provides any venues and, if not, if there are any useable venues nearby. Countless other considerations directly impact the logistics and, in turn, the budget and final execution of the functions. Although it sounds a bit overwhelming, all this is manageable if you know what to watch out for.

We will guide you through the selection process and negotiate with the hotels and venues to get the best deals to fit your budget.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Music is the soul of all Indian celebrations.

We have had celebrity performers from Bollywood & internationally. Depending on the event, we will organise a suitable ensemble – a DJ to liven up the mood, a western classical orchestra for a touch of refinement, or a Bollywood talent for an evening extravaganza.

It takes expertise and knowledge to perfect an art.

This may seem like another stumbling block for those exploring a destination wedding. Over the years, our team has perfected the art of taking on such daunting challenges and handling them with finesse. We will coordinate with vendors, venues, and guests and carefully manage every element, including rituals, ceremonies and activities. Your destination wedding planning and organising process will be stress-free and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Catering Service

Indian Cuisine

Food is the fuel for any vibrant celebration. We offer a wide variety of international cuisine, including but not limited to Indian, Italian, French, Swiss, Mediterranean, Thai etc. We make special arrangements to accommodate client wishes for pure vegetarian, vegan, and Jain food. It really is no problem, and you can be rest assured that food will be the least of your concerns.

However, equally important is how the food is presented. We make sure that great food looks good too, and is presented in a setting that looks as stunning as any other part of the event venue.

Elegance & Opulence

We design luxury destination Indian weddings that amaze and imprint lasting impressions on our clients and their guests alike by creating the perfect ambience to suit the occasion. When it comes to design, we go all out and use influences from all over the world. Combined with our appetite for abundance, the natural outcome is always awe-inspiring, sophisticated, elegant and a clear statement of luxury and opulence.

Design & Decor
St. Moritz Baraat

Destination weddings offer an opportunity to combine the excitement of travel with the beauty and tradition of our Indian weddings. Our colourful ceremonies, and intricate rituals, make our weddings unique, beautiful and unforgettable experiences for everyone. And imagine all this grandeur amidst breathtaking views of Switzerland, Italy or France. What a sight to behold!

Every Indian ceremony, ritual and tradition will be followed meticulously, without compromise, to ensure a truly authentic experience. A celebration that will reflect the unique customs and vibrant culture of India amidst stunning scenery.