A Grand Affair

Spectacular Wedding Extravaganza in Switzerland

When a high-profile family from India decided to plan a wedding for 750 guests in just 1.5 months, chaos ensued. It was the second wedding we organised for this particular family. While we have experience planning destination weddings for esteemed Indian business families, this event posed a unique challenge, requiring meticulous planning within a very tight timeframe. The family considered several destinations, keeping in mind the time of the year (July being the hottest time in European) and finally decided on St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Fabled Forevers Crew, Destination Wedding Planners

4 Days, 7 Functions

Fabled Forevers assembled a team of 167 professionals, including 40 florists, 32 decorators, 45 technical experts, hostesses, runners, and handymen. The wedding festivities spanned over four days, commencing with a vibrant cocktail party featuring performances by Badsha, Aastha Gill, Jonita Gandhi and others.

Welcome Dinner & Cocktail Party, Badshah, Aastha Gill and Jonita Gandhi - Fabled Forevers Wedding Planners
Sangeet, St. Moritz, Indian Wedding by Fabled Forevers


The following day, the Sangeet evening took place in a uniquely designed tent with a transparent stage constructed above a picturesque garden. The tent was positioned near St. Moritz Lake and was adorned with Swarovski crystal chandeliers imported from the Netherlands.

Guests were treated to various culinary delights, including Indian, Italian, and Asian cuisines, alongside a delectable array of Indian and Swiss desserts.

Sufi Night

The following day the adults were enthralled by a soul-stirring Sufi night by the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, while the younger attendees danced the night away at the disco party.

Sufi Night, Indian Wedding, St. Moritz, Fabled Forevers Wedding Planners, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performed
Varmalah, Indian Wedding in St. Moritz, by Fabled Forevers Wedding Planners

Baraat & Varmalah

The pinnacle of the celebration arrived on the main wedding day. After completing all the traditional rituals, the grand baraat procession, led by DJ Rahul Walia and the Bombay Bandbaja from the UK, commenced. Spanning an hour, the procession not only involved wedding guests but also attracted participation from the entire city of St. Moritz. The Varmalah ceremony occurred outside the prestigious Badrutt Palace, a preferred summer destination for notable personalities worldwide, including the Mittal family.

Wedding & Reception

The couple then made their way to the tennis court of the Badrutt Palace for the pheras. The reception area was constructed over two levels; the upper level was exclusively reserved for the bride, groom, and immediate family. The expansive 2000 sq meter setup was constructed by material transported via helicopters due to the lack of transportation access to Badrutt Palace’s tennis courts. This was the first time they had hosted such a large event.

The remaining festivities unfolded in a lavish setting, accompanied by captivating performances by classical musicians and singers.

Mandap, St. Moritz Indian Wedding By Fabled Forevers Wedding Planners