St. Moritz

Glamorous Destination for a Glamorous Wedding

St. Moritz!!! A town laced with natural beauty and luxury in equal measure.

The winters here are magical with all the playfulness that descends on the large frozen lake, but summers, although short, are equally fascinating. Miles after miles of the landscape is sprinkled with stunning flowers and crystal clear water streams. As you drive towards St. Moritz, competing emotions of not wanting the journey to end, and the excitement to reach the destination, both jostle for a place in your heart and, surprisingly, both find it.

St. Moritz has carved an extraordinary gem out of the mountain that stands boldly on the lake shoreline and is known modestly as the Palace. It looks like an amazingly preserved time capsule from the outside and yet surpasses the demands of most demanding guests on the inside. More of the hotel is below the ground floor, yet you always have a lake view. With its sister hotel just a stone’s throw away, Badrutt’s Place hosted one of the most luxurious Indian weddings. As the event agency and wedding planners for that wedding, we couldn’t have been any more satisfied with it the venue. The town is as welcoming as the hotel and offers a perfect setting for celebrating one of the most important occasions of one’s life.