Visa & Travel

Seamless Travel Arrangements

When planning a wedding in a foreign country, ensuring that all guests have the necessary travel documents and visas to enter the country is essential.

The first step in travel and visa procurement is to know the entry requirements for the country where the wedding will occur. We have a specialised team in India to help you through this process. Our services will include checking the visa requirements, passport validity, and travel documentation.

The guests will also be informed about the necessary documents and procedures they need to follow to obtain their visas and travel to the wedding destination. This will involve providing them with information on visa application procedures and other resources to make the process easier.

We will be sure to provide your guests with information on travel arrangements, such as flights, transportation, and accommodation options. Providing a list of recommended hotels or travel agencies can make it easier for guests, booking for themselves, to make their travel arrangements and ensure that they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

We will guide you and provide you and your guests with clear and concise information to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.