Venue Selection in Europe

Indian destination weddings in Europe are unique and still uncommon, and finding a suitable venue can be challenging. Most hotels in Europe do not have single banquet halls that can accommodate more than 250-300 guests. However, luxury hotels and resorts have several adjoining halls with large connecting doors or in close proximity. By combining multiple halls or allocating separate halls for different activities, such as the buffet in a separate room and finger food in another, the eating activity can be spread over two banquet halls. A competent wedding planner/event agency will consider the people flow, and have a designated person to manage it.

If getting adjoining halls or closely located ones is difficult, erecting a marquee on the grounds of luxury hotels or nearby locations is an option, provided there is sufficient space. When selecting a location, it’s always best to consider venues that guests can comfortably walk to.

However, the lack of a suitable venue should not be a reason to forgo a fantastic location. Coaches are an inexpensive and easy way to transport guests, though it requires more coordination. This also offers guests the opportunity to visit a new venue and the excitement of an excursion.

These are just a few examples of the many factors that affect the quality and cost of an event. During our consultation process, we dedicate a significant amount of time to inform our clients about all such matters. As experienced destination wedding planners, we understand the importance of selecting the right venue and planning for every detail to create a truly memorable event.