Location Scouting

Help You Put the Right Destination In Your Destination Wedding

Location scouting for destination weddings is a crucial part of the planning process. Destination weddings require a different approach than local weddings, as the location plays a significant role in creating the overall experience for you and your guests. As wedding planners, it’s our responsibility to find the perfect place that meets your needs and preferences. 

Steps to find your right destination.

  1. Your Vision for your Dream Wedding

The first step in location scouting for destination weddings is understanding your vision for the wedding functions. Once we know your style and design preferences, the themes for the various functions, and the overall atmosphere you want to create,  we can narrow down the locations that will suit your needs and style.

  1. Logistics

When choosing a location for a destination wedding, information such as distance from the main international airport, type of transportation, the proximity of accommodations, and activities for guests. The location must be accessible for you and your guests, and enough accommodations are nearby to accommodate all your guests. It’s also important to consider activities and excursions guests can participate in during their stay.

  1. Potential Locations

Once all logistics and preferences are considered, a few potential locations will be shortlisted for a visit by you, or Fabled Forevers will visit on your behalf to obtain photos, plans, layouts, and any other relevant information, restrictions or limitations.

  1. Local laws and regulations

Different countries and regions have other laws and regulations surrounding weddings. Fabled Forevers will obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

5. Plan for bad weather

Most European destinations are prone to unexpected rain and winds. The venue chosen for the various functions must provide an indoor location for the ceremony or reception or an outdoor space where a tent can be pitched.

Location scouting for destination weddings requires a different approach than local weddings. There are a few essential things to consider to find the perfect location to make your wedding destination unforgettable.