All Indian Rituals without Compromise

Destination weddings offer an opportunity to combine the excitement of travel with the beauty and tradition of our Indian weddings. Our colourful ceremonies, and intricate rituals, make our weddings unique, beautiful and unforgettable experiences for everyone. And imagine all this grandeur amidst breathtaking views of Switzerland, Italy or France. What a sight to behold!

One of the most important events in destination weddings is the welcome dinner or cocktail party. It is an opportunity for the two families to mingle, let down their hair, and begin a new journey as one new family.

The following day is usually the Haldi or/ and Mehndi ceremony. This can be an intimate, only-a-woman affair or with everyone, followed by Sangeet. Mehendi is usually during lunch, with many fun activities and games. Sangeet is a time for families to show off their moves on a unique/ customised stage or the dance floor. Later in the evening, the DJ takes over for a night of Bollywood music.

The wedding ceremony has many elaborate rituals that differ from community to community. The ceremony usually begins with the band baraat procession, leading to the Varmala/ Jai Mala. Then the pandit takes over, which can last one to two hours from tying the mangal sutra to the pheras.

End with a bang; the reception can start with traditional musicians followed by the DJ.

Of course, no Indian wedding is complete without our elaborate feast, which typically includes a variety of purely vegetarian or/and non-vegetarian dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Overall, our Indian traditions make an impact. Our intricate ceremonies, vibrant decorations, Bollywood music, and delicious food make for the most beautiful and rich celebration of love wherever we go.